Home Security for Renters: Temporary Solutions for Securing Your Space

Home security for renters

A major section of people in the United States reside in rental homes. As per the latest data, approximately 35% of households are rented. This highlights the requirement for efficient home security for renters measures customized for this large group.

While everyone should be concerned about home security, renters should be especially concerned about it.

Let’s find out what are the options while considering home security for renters without violating their leases or making permanent changes.

Home Security for Renters

Assess Your Current Security Situation

1. Read Your Lease and Landlord’s Policies

It matters to read your lease agreement and your landlord’s policies before making any changes to your rental property for security reasons. Usually, tenants are permitted to make small, temporary modifications like,

  • Putting in window and door alarms without the need for drilling
  • Installing windows with detachable security bars
  • Putting security cameras with sticky backings

Still, landlord approval for home security for renters is typically required for permanent modifications like installing wired security systems, changing the locks, or changing the structure.

It is critical to discuss security concerns with your landlord in an effective manner. Talk about any concerns you may have and get approval for building temporary security measures.

Tenants that take the initiative to safeguard their property are highly valued by many landlords, and they may even help with security enhancements.

Home security for renters

2. Initial Security Assessment

Finding weaknesses in your rental property can be helped by performing an initial security assessment. Check the current windows and locks first,

  • Check existing locks

Make sure the locks on every door work. External doors with deadbolts provide an additional degree of security.

Ask your landlord to upgrade the locks if they seem old or flimsy, or think about installing a temporary lock for additional help.

  • Inspect windows

Check to make sure every window has a secure way to close and lock. Home security for renters should be given to windows that are accessible from the outside or those on the ground floor.

Consider installing temporary window locks or drill-free bars if the current locks are insufficient.

  • Doors and entry points

Make sure all entryways, like the garage and back doors, are locked. Be mindful of sliding doors, as they can frequently be removed from their tracks with ease.

This can be avoided by installing a security bar or dowel on the track.

  • Lighting

Verify that your rental has enough lighting outside, particularly in areas with entryways. For home security for renters, using motion-sensor lights against intruders can be an invisible method.

  • Blind spots

Determine which parts of the surroundings of your house are difficult to see from the street or nearby properties. Thieves may find these locations appealing.

These areas can be covered by temporarily installing security cameras or lighting.

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Temporary Door Security Solutions

1. Portable Door Locks and Door Jammers

For temporary home security for renters, door jammers and portable door locks are great options. It is simple to install and remove these devices without causing any damage to the property.

By keeping your door from opening even with a key in control, portable door locks give an extra layer of security to your home.

They are ideal for travel because they are lightweight and portable. Yet door stoppers wedge below the door to stop it from being forced open.

They are easy to use and have a lot of potential, particularly for doors that open inward.

There are a few suggested products that can improve door home security for renters.

  • Strong resistance against forced entry and ease of installation without the need for tools characterize the Addalock Portable Door Lock.
  • A strong barrier against entry is created by the Master Lock Security Bar, which slides snugly under the doorknob and extends to the floor.
  • The Cocoweb Door Jammer is a lightweight, portable gadget that is simple to install and remove and strong enough to sustain considerable force.
Key in home security
Key in home security

3. Reinforcement Bars and Door Security Bars

The purpose of door security bars and reinforcement bars is to stop unauthorized entry through doors.

To make it extremely difficult to open the door from the outside, reinforcement bars are metal bars that can be adjusted to fit snugly under the doorknob and extend to the floor.

On the other hand home security for renters, door security bars fit across the door horizontally and fasten to the door frame.

They keep the door from opening by equally distributing the force of a push or kick.

  • How They Work and Installation Process?

These devices have a simple installation procedure.

To install reinforcement bars, just measure the length of the bar to fit your door, place the top end on the floor, and make sure it is tight and secure by placing the bottom end under the doorknob.

Typically, door security bars need brackets that are fastened to the door frame. The bar is easily inserted and removed as needed once the brackets are in place.

  • Pros and Cons

Both door security bars and reinforcement bars have advantages and disadvantages. Portable, highly effective at preventing forced entry, and simple to install are the qualities of reinforcement bars.

Yet, they might not fit all door types and can be bulky.

Since they can be installed on multiple doors and provide solid protection, door security bars may require some minor drilling for the brackets, and they may not be as portable as reinforcement bars.

Window Security Options

1. Window Locks and Stoppers

One of the most important ways to improve home security for renters is to secure the windows. The security of windows can be greatly increased by using different kinds of locks.

Double-hung windows work best with sash locks because they keep the windows closed when locked. When it comes to protecting sliding windows from being forced open from the outside, sliding window locks are ideal.

  • DIY solutions for securing windows

Simple yet efficient options are available for those who prefer DIY home security for renters. A simple way to stop a sliding window from opening is to put a metal rod or wooden dowel into the track.

Window stoppers, which are tiny devices that can be installed on the window frame to limit how far a window can be opened and provide an additional layer of security, are an additional choice.

2. Window Film

Another practical method for improving home security for renters windows is window film. The glass strengthens and becomes more difficult to break with this clear or tinted secure film.

The film keeps the glass shards together even if it breaks, making it difficult for intruders to get access. This can be especially helpful for windows that are hidden from view or on the ground floor.

  • Installation tips and best practices

Window film installation is a reasonably simple process. To guarantee that the film sticks properly, start by giving the window a thorough cleaning.

With a small margin on all sides, measure and cut the film to fit the window.

Starting at the top and working your way down, apply the film to the window.

Use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles. It is critical to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions for best results and longevity.

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Boost Surveillance and Monitoring

1. Portable Security Cameras

Renters can improve their home surveillance without making long-term changes by using portable security cameras. Look for features like battery operation, Wi-Fi capability, and drill-free installation when selecting a portable security camera.

With a smartphone app, you can remotely monitor your home with cameras that are Wi-Fi enabled. Models that run on batteries are more convenient because they do not need wiring and can be installed anywhere.

Additionally, for renters who are unable to make permanent modifications to their property, non-drilling cameras are perfect.

Your home security matters
Your home security matters
  • Top product recommendations

Among the best products for home security for renters is the Arlo Pro 4, a weatherproof, wire-free camera with great video quality and a rechargeable battery.

Another excellent choice is the Blink Outdoor camera, which is reasonably priced, has a long battery life, and provides cloud storage.

With its dual monitoring capabilities, indoor and outdoor, the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is a flexible and simple-to-install device.

2. Smart Doorbells

Home security for renters can also improve with the help of smart doorbells. These gadgets have some advantages, including the capacity to record videos of activities around your front door, sense motion and communicate with guests remotely, and get alerts when there is movement.

In the case of a security incident, this additional layer of surveillance can serve to both discourage strangers and provide necessary proof.

  • Key features and installation tips

A smart doorbell should have motion detection, two-way audio, high-definition video, and simple installation.

Due to its numerous features and user-friendly interface, the Ring Video Doorbell is a well-liked option. It has a rechargeable battery, programmable motion zones, and 1080p HD video.

The Google Nest Doorbell, which offers superb video quality, intelligent alerts, and simple connection with other smart home appliances, is an additional worthwhile choice.

Selecting a smart doorbell model that can be installed using screws or adhesive, based on your landlord’s regulations, is one installation tip.

Make sure the doorbell has a strong Wi-Fi connection and is positioned at the perfect height for viewing videos smoothly.

Bottom Line

More resources are available who want to implement more about home security for renters.

Tips and resources that improve home security are frequently provided by local law enforcement agencies.

Online discussion boards and neighborhood associations can also offer insightful advice and suggestions from other tenants going through comparable difficulties. Renters can feel more secure in their rental homes and have more peace of mind by installing temporary security measures and using caution.

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